David Johnson
for State House

  • 1st Class Education for all Iowans
  • Raising Minimum Wage
  • Transparency in Government
  • Ending Corporate Welfare
  • Protecting labor rights and strengthening our workforce
  • Strengthening our small communities

As a former councilman for the City of West Branch, David Johnson knows the challenges faced by our small communities and is ready to take the fight to Des Moines.  He understands that prosperity for the state can only come when all of our citizens can reach their potential.  Our potentials can only be realized when we have representatives that place the interests of our citizens over the interests of big business.  This is why David Johnson will NEVER take a dime from corporate interests.  If you share David's dream for clean and transparent government, please help us send him to Des Moines.  To find out how, please contact the Johnson for State House Campaign at:

Johnson for State House
326 N. Fourth St.
West Branch, IA  52358
(319) 325-1270

Images from the campaign trail.

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